“The Birthday Party” – murder mystery for conference dinners

Small corporate group murder mystery activity

A Teammania murder mystery is the ideal conference dinner activity


The Scottish “mad doctor” Murder Mystery for corporate groups – ideal for the small conference activity

It is 1888 and the most infamous brain transplant surgeon of the Scottish Highlands is having a birthday party. The only problem is that all of the guests hate him, except for one person …. the Reverend’s wife!

In “The Birthday Party” you will uncover ancient Indian rituals, discover who has whose brain, and meet the “spirits” during a very funny séance. During the event you will unveil so many affairs you’ll wonder how the town’s folk got any work done. Your colleagues will play the fun roles of opera singers, Indian Prince and his Princesses, doctors, politicians and even brain transplant patients.

If you like your mystery served with a twist, then try “The Birthday Party”.

 Key Benefits

  • Relationship development
  • Problem solving
  • Role play
  • Dossiers tailored to match the individual
  • Perfect evening activity for your conference

Recommended for:

  • Group sizes of 8 to 18 people
  • Groups with a diverse mixture of quiet and outgoing personalities
  • Costuming is quite fun and easy and highly recommended
  • Corporate team activity for a conference dinner

What our clients say about “The Birthday Party”

  • “Inhibitions were left at the door and even the most reserved team members couldn’t help but join in” St George Bank
  • “The feedback I have received is tremendous.” Nortel Networks
  • “Everyone had an extremely enjoyable evening and it was a great team building exercise” Minter Ellison Lawyers
  • “It was an excellent opportunity for new members of the management team to meet and mingle.” Union Steel