“Power Play” – an exciting team building activity

Teammania's Power Play team building business simulation and strategy activity

“A very enjoyable way to have a team building activity at your next conference”

The business simulation and strategy activity played around the world

An international summit has pulled together everyone in the United Nations International Community (UNIC). The nations of the world are on the brink of war and your mission is to see to the survival of your country and its allies.

Each person heads a portfolio in a UNIC country with its own unique set of resources and problems. Armed with your nation’s strengths, your negotiators are knocking out the deals. Your military chiefs are forming alliances. Your treasurers are meeting the underworld Arms Dealers and your spies are doing what they do best. 

An indoor teambuilding scenario, Power Play uses the analogy of military situations as a vehicle for developing strategic maneuvers. There may be a lot of excitement during a Power Play, but there is no violence.

Power Play is an enjoyable business interactive game of strategy, negotiation, and problem solving. Saving the world has never been so much fun.

Key Benefits to the Power Play team building event:

  • Integrate into a learning program or play it “just for fun”.
  • An ideal choice where your conference has objectives such as:
    • Confronting Change and Problem Solving
    • Team work, and Role definitions
    • Negotiation
    • Ethics 

This team activity is recommended for:

  • Group sizes of 12 to 60 people
  • Senior Management
  • Competitive groups
  • Analytical groups
  • Conference team activity seeking to integrate team skills
  • Integrate into you afternoon conference agenda or conference dinner acivity