“Bourbon Street” – murder mystery for conference dinners

Conference evening team building activity

“Book Big Mac for your next conference team bonding activity … …or else!”

The famous gangster murder mystery for your next conference team bonding event.

It’s opening night at “Bourbon Street”, a sleazy nightclub in the red-light district of prohibition 1933 Chicago, but not everybody is in the mood to celebrate.

When the late Mafia don, Macchiato Cappuccino, bequeathed his “Bourbon Street” nightclub to the upstart punk, “Big Mac”, it raised quite a few eyebrows, especially with his children. Fortunately for Big Mac, he has friends in very high places, like the Chief Gottat or the newly appointed Senator Fuller Crapp.

As one of the singers, actors, Mafia, nightclub “hostesses”, politicians or FBI you will be rubbing shoulders with the famous and infamous. Then before your very eyes the celebrations come to an horrific conclusion in this exciting Teammania murder mystery.


Key Benefits in a Teammania Murder Mystery:

  • Relationship development
  • Problem solving
  • Role play
  • Dossiers tailored to match the individual
  • Perfect evening activity for your conference entertainment

Bourbon Street Murder Mystery recommended for:

  • Group sizes of 20 to 50 people
  • Groups with a diverse mixture of quiet and outgoing personalities
  • Costuming is fun and easy and highly recommended

What our clients say about the “Bourbon Street” murder mystery

  • “If the Teammania murder mystery event was only half as good as it was, we would have been raving about it. It certainly was the highlight of our conference and all the delegates are still laughing and talking about it”. Mainland Dairies
  • “I must admit I was a little hesitant about the event, but now that I have seen the results it achieved, I have become your greatest fan!” WC Penfold