“Diamond Mine” – a fun team building activity

Diamond Mine is a fun business simulation strategy activityStrategy game and business simulation of risk, analysis and customer service

If you need a team building or business simulation activity to be played either as outstanding corporate entertainment or as part of an effective training program, you owe it to your team … and yourself, to explore Diamond Mine for your next event.

King Solomon (the Teammania facilitator) of Zambucca is leasing diamond mining sites to foreign companies (teams of your colleagues). Each company has anxious shareholders that have invested in this speculative exploration, and demand healthy returns. The companies need to make quick decisions balancing risk against profit. They will need to buy geological reports, negotiate loans with the competing Zambuccan Banks (also your colleagues) before the bidding at the King Solomon Land Auction begins to heat up.

Recommended for:

  • Group sizes of 12 to 60 people
  • Groups with a diverse mixture of quiet and outgoing personalities
  • Costuming is not required

What our clients say about “Diamond Mine”

fun business game of strategy risk and negotiation

  • “The real beauty of Dial M is that they change the tempo and pace of a conference which can otherwise be congested with work related issues.” AMP
  • “A very enjoyable night of fun and teamwork was had by all. The interaction between all our colleagues was a delight to watch.” Beiersdorf

Anticipation builds as the “Wheel of Misfortune” slows down to reveal whether a Calamity has struck. Only those companies that have taken out Calamity Insurance can breathe calmly …. unless of course you are the insurer!

 Key Benefits

When organising your next strategy conference or team building day, Diamond Mine is the right choice when you want a entertaining way to reflect your conference objectives of:

  • Problem solving and Strategy development
  • Risk taking in business
  • Negotiation skills and Customer Service
  • Excellent option for a strategic business simulation activity or team bonding activity