“Super Hero Quest” – an exciting team bonding conference activity

Corporate team bonding activity: Super hero quest

Corporate team bonding activity:
Super Hero Quest winners

The Teammania game show and conference activity enjoyed from Edinburgh to Sydney to New York

Can your most entertaining game show also be a great team building activity? Sure can! But remember, not all game shows are designed with the team in mind. Unlike similar events that you may be familiar with, “Super Hero Quest” is an interactive team based event, not individual based. As such, it is a great choice for conferences with a team building and relationship-development objective.

This event is ideally suited as a corporate dinner activity and is perfect for your own team, or when you want to develop relationships with your own special clients. You see, Teammania defuses the over-competitiveness of this type of event in a very entertaining way. This makes Super Hero Quest the ideal choice when you want to improve relationships with your clients and have a great time with them while you’re at it. Hosted by Eddie McWired, your group must undergo three challenges to win the title of “Super Hero Team of the Year”. And if you ever suspected that television game shows were “rigged” then this Teammania game will prove your theories right!   If you want to bring back a sense on fun into your work place, and you have a team that is creative, can think fast on their feet, and know how to bribe the judges, then they have a good chance of winning “Super Hero Quest”.

Key Benefits to the “Super Hero Quest” team building event:

  • Relationship development within your team and with your clients
  • Team work
  • Creativity challenges
  • For a hilarious fun night
  • Perfect evening activity for your conference 

Recommended for:

  • Group sizes of 12 to 100 people
  • Costuming can be a fun element, or just come in your “civvies”.

What our clients say about their “Super Hero Quest” team bonding event 

game show that builds relationships

  • The feedback I have received has been exceptional. You made our day one to remember. Oracle 
  • Our game show was a huge success. All our Ladies and Gentlemen enjoyed the evening immensely. Ritz Carlton staff
  • Our endearing host of Super Hero Quest, Eddie McWired, created probably the most memorable and enjoyable experience that the PictureTel team has participated in. PictureTel